Glamour Pools Division

Clean, clear and safe for your health

la-fi-0506-hot-property-pictures-017Pools need proper servicing to avoid damage to equipment and to protect the health of its users. By matching the proper pool service plan with your lifestyle, Glamour Pools will save you money, protect your health and safeguard your investment.

What Glamour Pools can offer:

BackyardpoolOur plans run from full weekly service to just professional water balancing; you choose the plan that suits you best. We offer temporary pool service for those who come and go from the area in the winter and summer or while you’re on vacation.

The essential in pool and spa cleanliness is the chemistry of the water, and our experienced pool service professionals are highly trained for all variations in Southwest Florida water.


Glamour Pool Service and Repairs also has experienced and fully equipped mechanics. We do repairs such as motors, pumps, timers, filters, chlorinators and lights. We also install salt systems and remove stains from the pool finish. We sell and install electric heat pumps for spas and pools.

Glamour Pools is both licensed and insured and working in Lee County for over 30 years.

Receive a discount, call us!

Combine more than one service from McLaughlin’s Garden City Nursery, Inc. and Glamour Pool Service and Repairs to receive a substantial discount. Give us a call at (239) 267-2847 or 239-267-8776 to learn more about our products, services, current promotions and service plans and prices.